Motor Insurance

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  • Damage caused by you or your employees to third parties in traffic.
  • Coverages that vary from a minimum of SRD 175,000 to a maximum of SRD 1,500,000
  • Option of tailor-made coverage
  • Your entire fleet of cars insured for one attractive premium
  • Attractive renewal discount up to as much as 10%
  • Fast claim settlement
  • The Damage Unit is always at your service
  • Liability for passengers
  • Transport of injured persons

Alternatives of the Traffic Insurance:

  • Comprehensive Insurance: You can also insure coverage to your own fleet of vehicles. Damage to the vehicle caused by fire, theft, collisions with stray animals, storms and natural disasters, occasional acts of violence, sliding, rollovers and running off the road or into a body of water are covered by Assuria's Comprehensive Insurance.
  • Accident Insurance for Passengers: In most cases an accident involves not only vehicles but also passengers. It is reassuring to know that Assuria will be by your side to assist you if an accident results in the permanent invalidity of a passenger or, in the worst-case scenario, their death.
  • General Insurance for Passengers: Less drastic consequences than permanent disability or death, can also be devastating for the occupants. For example, in case of personal injuries or property damage. In these cases, too, you may be confronted with high costs that can risk the continuity of your business. Insurance of the financial consequences of personal injury or damage to passengers is possible against payment of premiums that are offered starting at very attractive rates.
  • Loss Recovery Insurance: Not all claims are easy to handle or recover. A simple collision, for example, can lead to a long and expensive legal dispute. The same applies, for example, to a poorly executed repair by your garage that leads to a conflict. With the Assuria Loss Recovery Insurance, we can assist you in these situations.
  • Car insurance for Guyana: With your car insurance from Assuria, Guyana is included as per standard in the cover.


  • Vehicle details (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Details of the policyholder/the company
  • Details of the regular driver
  • Use of the vehicle (private or commercial)

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