Assuria Benefit Plan

Being a customer, you are very important to Assuria. We would like to provide you with an additional award for the trust you have placed in us. That is why we offer you the Assuria Benefit Plan (ABP). With this plan you can qualify for additional discounts for your current insurances. The discount increases the more insurances you take out with Assuria.

This is an attractive financial benefit that can increase to as much as a 10% discount!

How can you participate in the ABP?

All you need to do to qualify for the additional discounts, is arrange for your one-time registration and submit your bank account. You can arrange this by filling out the registration form and submitting this at one of our offices or to you broker.

These forms are available at our offices or through our brokers. At your request, we can send or fax it to you and you can also download the form.

How does the ABP work?

There are five insurance groups that offer discount points. If you have taken out one or more insurances as a policyholder in at least two insurance groups, you qualify per insurance group for a maximum of one discount point. You can therefore get a maximum of 5 discount points.

Insurance groups

  1. Traffic policy (WAM, CASCO)
  2. Fire insurances (Fire and Homeowners, Home Contents and Burglary and other coverages).
  3. Miscellaneous (including, Personal Accidents, SOR, AVAS, AVBB, Transport, and C.A.R.)
  4. Health insurances (AZPAS Basic, AZPAS Plus)
  5. Life insurances (including Pension Insurance, Income Plan, Term Life Insurances, Endowment Insurance and Lifelong Insurance)

The relation between discount points and discount percentages are as follows: 

2  3% discount
 5% discount
4  7,5% discount
5  10% discount   

This makes it very attractive to take out as many insurances as possible at Assuria.

Once a year we will calculate the discount you are entitled to and have this amount transferred to your bank account. Easy, right?

For the full conditions, we would like to refer you to the back.

Do all insurances offered by Assuria count for the calculation of the ABP?

  • Any insurance policy taken out for at least one year for which the premium has been paid will be eligible for a discount, with the exception of policies excluded from discount.
  • No discount is given on the WAM (Compulsory Third-Party Liability for Motor Vehicles Insurance) premium, Limited Comprehensive Insurance for Motor Vehicles (Comprehensive Insurance is eligible for discount points) and AZPAS Basic health insurance (Plus Insurance is eligible for discount points), but these insurances are included in the total number of discount points.
  • Insurance policies taken out through Assuria where the risk is borne by other insurance companies do not count.
  • Corporate clients who have several companies, under different names, can have these companies count as one. They can submit a request to this effect to Assuria.

Up to which amount can my discount accumulate?

  • There is a maximum discount amount per insurance group of SRD 200 for individual policyholders, and SRD 1,000 per group for group policyholders.
  • Discount amounts lower than SRD 10 in total will not be paid.


In what currency will my discount be paid?

Payment of the discount is made in Surinamese dollars; premiums in foreign currency will be converted to Surinamese dollars based on the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Suriname.

How will the discount be calculated?

  • First, the discount per insurance group is determined and then the discounts are added up.
  • The discount is calculated on the net premium (this means after deduction of all other discounts)

 Assuria reserves the right to amend the rules of the ABP.

Please contact one of our experts.